Items are sold either exclusively or non-exclusively. You are able to select which status is appropriate on a per-item basis.

We charge a mixed flat and percentage-based fee:

Status Fee structure
Exclusive List Fee + 20%
Non-Exclusive List Fee + 60%

Selling an item exclusively

  • Earn 80% of the price you set.
  • Items are considered exclusive if they are sold only on WrapBootstrap.
  • Exclusive items may not be sold outside of the marketplace.

Selling an item non-exclusively

  • Earn 40% of the price you set.
  • Non-exclusive items may be sold outside of the marketplace.

How pricing is determined

  • The price you set is referred to as the Item Price.
  • The Item Price and the List Fee are combined to create the List Price.
  • The List Price is the price shown on item pages.

List Fee breakdown by item type and license

HTML Templates

Single Extended
$4 $200